Ηow Microsoft Teams uses AI & read what’s new on Microsoft Teams Premium

With the help of Microsoft Teams, teams can work together more successfully and efficiently. Employees can stay more organized, communicate more effectively, and complete more tasks in less time with the aid of AI-powered features. Microsoft Teams helps keep you connected and productive whether you’re working on a project with a group of coworkers or collaborating with clients and partners.

Teams employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to identify certain features in your audio or video feed and provide high-quality experiences whether you’re in a call or meeting.

Increasing the audio’s quality

Teams employs artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to reduce background noise, improve audio quality, and transcribe meetings when you talk.

To be more precise, we employ AI for the following tasks:

  • mute the echo
  • reduce ambient noise
  • amplify distorted speech
  • lessen the echo
  • hear music
  • generate a transcription of the meeting if the user activates it.
  • produce live captions and, if the user chooses, translate live captions.

Enhancing the quality of the video

Teams use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the quality of your recorded footage during meetings when you use the following features:

  • backgrounds
  • adjust the brightness
  • cropping frames
  • gentle emphasis

Processing of screen content

Teams AI can distinguish between moving and static screen content to provide better experiences. Teams may give priority to picture quality in low-bandwidth settings if your content—like a PowerPoint presentation—is still to enhance reading. Teams may optimize for a higher frame rate if you’re uploading a video or other moving content in order to give it a more seamless appearance.

How information is handled

Your audio and video files are processed locally in Teams using AI and machine learning, so they never leave the conversation.

Microsoft Teams Premium

The collaboration platform Microsoft Teams has been improved with AI-powered features to increase efficiency and lower expenses. Large Language Models driven by OpenAI’s GPT are only one of the cutting-edge features that Microsoft Teams Premium, which is widely accessible, offers to enhance meetings’ intelligence, customization, and security. Microsoft is aiming to add new AI-powered features to all of its consumer and business products, including Teams. The platform optimizes the readability of documents or the smoothness of video playback by using AI to improve audio and video in meetings and machine learning to identify and modify the properties of the content displayed in real-time.

Because of this, Teams integrates AI into the meeting process to make you more productive in unexpected ways. Personalized highlights, suggested actions, and automatically generated meeting notes are all included in Teams Premium’s intelligent recap feature to help you retain the information that matters most to you—even if you have to miss the meeting.

Time to practice, Let’s set the noise suppression level in Teams for business:

Select Settings and more Teams settings and more icon. next to your profile picture and then select Settings.

Select Devices on the left and then, under Noise suppression, select an option

Auto by default For the majority of scenarios, the Teams app works best and is optimized for some degree of noise suppression.

• High Work best in loud office settings with lots of background chatter, as it mutes all background sounds other than your voice.

• Low Reduces the volume of recurring low-level background noise, like that from an air conditioner or computer fan. When you’re waiting for a meeting to begin, for example, use this setting to play your preferred music for the other attendees to hear. See Share sound from your computer in a Teams meeting or live event for the best quality when playing music for other attendees.

• Off The ability to attenuate noise is off. When using high-fidelity microphones in low-noise settings, such as a silent studio, use this option.

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