How to use Microsoft Edge templates to train your users on Office and Microsoft 365

Did you know Microsoft has already prepared the material and the tool to train the company users sending automatically email on the topic of your choice? Yes, indeed and you may try it in a few minutes.

Let’s me show you how easy it is to create a training email.

We have to connect as Global admin credentials to our Microsoft tenant,

Go to Settings, then Microsoft Edge and finally go to Send notification emails to your users.

A new page has appeared. In our example, we will send Microsoft Teams template, choose the preferred template according to your needs and press the next button

Now, we can preview the email before it is forwarded to users

Check your email, you have received it. In the next page you may add the recipients.

So, we are ready to proceed to add users ang groups.

When you add the users, the next button will be enabled, press it to move forward on the latest page.

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