Make Calendar Sharing Between Organizations simple among Exchange Online Tenants

To create an Organization Relationship, open the Organization, sharing in the Exchange Admin Center click the + button to start a new Organization Relationship from here, under the “Organization Sharing” section. Include the domain(s) you want to establish the relationship with as well as a name for the relationship. The next step is to select the level of detail that will be accessible for the relationship and, if desired, name a group to set the scope’s boundaries. You just need to add one domain from the tenancy when setting up an organization relationship; Exchange Online will discover the rest.

In the next phase you will prompt to specify about sharing options. You may choose the suitable options for your needs and press enter for the next and final step.

Review the relationship summary and click next.

Wait for a while and the relationship will be created.

If you need to perform lookups and see Free/Busy information from the other side (target domain), the relationship should be configured on both sides. So, you need to inform the admin from other tenant to do the same actions.

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