Microsoft Edge for Business, what it is and how to use it

Microsoft Edge for Business is a special edition of Microsoft Edge that has been created to help you effectively divide your personal and work-related browsing. With Microsoft Edge for Business, administrators at companies can provide their users with a secure and productive work browser on both managed and unmanaged devices. This new Microsoft Edge experience is specifically designed for business. Though it’s designed to assist meet the changing needs of organizations, it offers the same extensive set of corporate controls, security, and productivity capabilities that you’re currently accustomed to from Microsoft Edge.

Administrators can set up the Microsoft Edge browser settings for their company in the Microsoft 365 admin. Using group assignment or group policy, we can apply these configurations which are kept in the cloud and are affected to the browser. To access these options, users need to be signed into Microsoft Edge with corporate credentials.

How to create a configuration profile:

We should go on admin page

Expanding settings, Microsoft edge and go to configuration profiles.

Press add a profile, give a name and optionally a description, and press select

After that you will receive a message” Profile successfully created” with the priority 0. Keeping in mind that 0 priority is being the highest priority that you can assign in case of conflict.

How to configure a policy for a configuration profile:

Under the Configuration profiles pivot, select the profile we just created.

Under the Policies pivot, select select policy.

Under Configure a policy, search for the policy you want to configure for this profile. Set the configuration settings/values for the policy you select. In our example we will use PasswordGeneratorEnabled policy that the Allow users to get a strong password suggestion whenever they are creating an account online. Select Save.

The Profile successfully updated.

How to assign a configuration profile to a Microsoft Entra group:

Under the Configuration profiles pivot, , select the profile we just created.

Under the Group assignment pivot, select select group.

Under Select a security group, select the group to assign the profile to.

Select Select. The profile will now be applied to all users in the selected group.

We may also add extension policies. In order to do it we have to go on Microsoft Edge management, choose the profile we just created, and then on the Extensions pivot add the extension settings for that profile. By configuring the installation policy, we can add an extension to the allow list, block list, or forced-installed list. The configurations we make on a per-extension basis take precedence over the profile settings.

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