Microsoft Teams integration with Jira cloud in three simple steps! Yes! you may bring the Jira Cloud into MS Teams

In the modern workplace, if it’s unclear who will follow up after a meeting or what needs to be done after a message in a group chat, it could have serious repercussions. If Jira is not up to date with the most recent team discussions, it cannot be a reliable source of information.  

For this reason, the recently released Jira app includes an integrated feature that allows Teams chats to be used as a remark on an existing Jira issue, or even as a brand-new Jira issue. The Jira app may be used to edit issues that have been given to you immediately on the side panel during a Teams meeting, which is convenient for those unforeseen jobs or assignments that arise during meetings.

Microsoft Teams and Jira Server are integrated via a chat extension, tabs, bot, and a connector for update notifications. This integration allows us to:

Explore, distribute, generate new, or edit current issues—modify their status, priority, or summary.

Take immediate action by logging time, watching, voting, adding a remark, or tagging the issue for yourself.

Make tabs with the issues unique to your team. subset using personalized or previously stored filters

Track problems you’ve been assigned or that you’ve reported in your own app.

Crucial: Installing the Microsoft Teams for Jira Server add-on to your Jira (admin access required) and sharing the Jira ID generated with the team are prerequisites for using the chat extension, bot, or tabs.

Jira Server connector for Microsoft Teams can be set up independently and doesn’t require addon installation. Connector is webhook-based and can be configured directly from Teams channel. Please note, that webhook set-up in Jira requires Jira admin permissions.

Server Bot

You may assign issues to yourself, track time, observe, leave comments, and create and edit Jira issues while on the move using the Jira Server Bot. Jira Server Bot can function as both your personal helper and an addition to a team.

Search, share or create new Jira Issues for teams

You can search for issues, share them with team members, and create new Jira issues using the Jira Server messaging extension.

Track team progress or personal tasks with tabs

Create a tab using basic filtering or your preset Jira filters for the issues that are most relevant to your team. You can create, edit, and sort Jira issues in both personal and team scopes using tabs.

We already own a Jira cloud subscription and now is the time to bring it into Microsoft Teams. The first action is to add the Jira app in MS Teams, you may follow the three yellow underlines.

We have to sign on our Jira Tenant

You have to feel your Jira Admin credentials.

A new message will have appeared in Teams

Go to review permissions and consent to the Jira app to have access to specific resources in your Microsoft Organization

We may find the relative apps and permissions on Microsoft Entra – Enterprise Application

The connector has been established. Now we can manage the issues on MS Teams

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