Microsoft Viva Learning. A unique employee experience learning platform into Teams!

Microsoft Viva is a new employee experience platform designed to assist businesses in adapting to the changing requirements of remote work. It is incorporated into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. With Microsoft Teams’ Viva Learning, a centralized learning hub, we can easily include education and skill development into our daily routine. Our team may find, share, recommend, and learn from content libraries offered by partners and your company in Viva Learning. All of this is possible with Microsoft Teams, the ultimate collaboration tool.

How to enable the Viva Learning:

Go to the https://

Click on the settings, viva, viva learning read the valuable info, and do the instructions.

We may allow employees to add their content from SharePoint.

With the help of Viva Learning, employees can find, share, and learn from content libraries offered by your company, Microsoft, and outside partners through a common hub created in Microsoft Teams. With your current Microsoft 365 license, you may access Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 Training, and LinkedIn Learning content for free as part of the basic Viva Learning experience.

The content that is accessible to your users can be set up in the ‎Viva Learning‏ Admin tab. Users can also access internal content housed by your business on a SharePoint server. Please be aware that any content you contribute to Viva Learning may be subject to additional privacy and service conditions in addition to not being subject to the Microsoft Product conditions.

Make sure Viva Learning is available to your organization, go to Manage apps in the Teams admin center ( to verify the app isn’t blocked in the org-wide settings.

Check that your Global (Org-wide default) policy is set to allow all Microsoft apps in Permission policies.

Set up Viva Learning

Viva Learning is included in Microsoft Teams. To set it up, you’ll need to have Microsoft Teams available for use by your organization, and permissions for each of the steps to set up and manage Viva Learning.

In order to add the app to Teams, go to Teams, select the app button, and add Viva Learning to your Teams app.

In case you need to deploy the app to all users in your organization, you have to Install the Viva app using a Teams app setup policy following these steps:

Sign in to the Teams admin center, access Teams apps, and select Setup policies.

Select Add and enter a name and description for the policy.

Under Installed apps, select Add apps.

In the Add Installed Apps pane, search for the apps that you’d like to install for users. You can also filter apps by app permission policy.

Select Add.

We may add and manage content providers like LinkedIn and from here to enable learning content within Viva Learning. We can enable or disable content syncing, view sync status, and export logs.

Except for LinkedIn Learning, connecting external content sources requires a Viva Learning or Viva Suite license. Except for the few free courses, access to LinkedIn Learning content requires a LinkedIn Learning Enterprise subscription.

Content from Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 Training, is available for free and enabled by default but let me show you how to enable the providers.

Select the provider you prefer and click save.

We are ready to learn!

We are ready to use the learning service in our collaboration tool MS Teams

Set up Microsoft Viva Learning in the Teams admin center | Microsoft Learn

Manage content sources for Viva Learning | Microsoft Learn

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