How to enable CoPilot with Group Policy

Copilot for Windows is currently available as a preview and offers centralized generative AI support from the Windows desktop. It is designed to assist us in getting things done on Windows. Unlike the browser-based Copilot in Edge, Copilot for Windows can carry out typical operations in Windows , located in side bar on the desktop. Nonetheless, the Copilot user experience in Edge and Copilot in Windows can both utilize the same underlying chat provider platform.

I will saw you hot to use Group Policy on your environment in order to to enable Microsoft Copilot on Windows 11:

First of all, you should check for updates, Windows Copilot is being released on a phased basis so not all users will receive it immediately with update.

Go to your Active Directory,

Open the Group Policy Management,

Create a new Policy and link it the OU you like to enable the copilot.

Extend the tree in the left pane: User Configuration

 Windows Components 

Administrative Templates 

Windows Copilot

Double-click the “Turn off Windows Copilot” policy setting and select Disabled.

To save changes, click OK.

Give the computer a restart and the Copilot button ought to show up in the taskbar.

More info:

Manage Copilot in Windows – Windows Client Management | Microsoft Learn

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