How to encrypt your sensitive emails through Microsoft 365 in 9 simple steps

Microsoft Purview Message Encryption provide us the ability to deliver encrypted messages to internal or external recipients. Users can send encrypted emails to any email account, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and For information about email encryption options for your Microsoft 365 subscription see the Exchange Online service description

How to enable the encryption:

  1. In a web browser, using a work or school account that has been granted global administrator permissions,
  2. In the admin center choose Admin centers > Exchange.
  3. In the EAC, go to Mail flow > Rules and select New > Create a new rule.

4. In Name, type a name for the rule, such as Email Encryption

5. In Apply this rule, select the subject or body condition

6. Fill in the word: EncryptMe

7. To enable message encryption, from Do the following, select Modify the message security and then choose Apply Office 365 Message Encryption and rights protection. Select an RMS template from the list, in our example select encrypt.

8. Set rule mode option to enforce and match sender address in message: Header

9. Enable the Rule

That was! The encryption rule is created in 9 simple steps, let’s try it

We have to create an email containing the word encryptme in subject

As you may see the email received encrypted as expected

Email encryption allows us to safeguard the confidentiality of the data. An email message is transformed from readable plain text into scrambled cypher text when it is encrypted. The communication can only be read by the receiver who has the private key that exactly matches the public key used to encrypt it. However, any recipient who does not have the appropriate private key gets unintelligible content. We can set up rules to automatically encrypt communications when they satisfy specific requirements. By way of illustration, we can set up a rule to encrypt all messages sent outside of our company or any messages that contain a certain list of words or phrases. Any encryption rules will be automatically implemented.

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